Tips For Real Estate Advertising


If you are planning to sell your house or some other property then it is very necessary for you to advertise it at different places. Advertising is not just limited to newspapers. There are hundreds of sources on which you can advertise your house for sale. This article will show you the advertising ways you can use to advertise your home or property. There are many ways of advertising, some are highly priced and some are almost free. You can use all of them for your property.

Local Classifieds

Every city has its own newspaper. You can give your ad in these newspapers. Give your ad for at least 3 consecutive days so that people who missed it first or second time can read it the third time. Newspapers will not charge you too much but they will bring you a lot of buyers offering different prices. Most of the people looking for homes always read the “properties for sale” section of the newspapers.


Millions of people use internet on daily basis. Hundreds of thousands of them search for their homes over the internet. So don’t forget to list your house on different websites which offers free advertisements. Post description and few pictures of your house from the outside and also from the inside. Give your contact information like telephone, cell phone and also your email. Internet is the best and free source for advertising you property.


Agents will charge you few hundred dollars but they have hundreds of clients who are looking for home just like you won. So you have no other choice but to hire one of the agents for the advertising purpose. Agents will keep their commission once they are successful in selling your property, sometimes at a low rate – see the One Percent Realty Victoria for example. Agents are considered the best source for advertising purpose and everyone who wants to sell his/her property must hire at least one good agent.


Television is the biggest source of news and entertainment for this whole world. You will often see ads of properties which are available for sale. You can also list your property in those advertisements. Television channels will charge you good amount of money as they will also send you large number of buyers. You can also give your advertisement on radio. Radios never charge you more than just few hundred dollars. Advertising on radios is not recommended as people listening to the radio will find it difficult to write down the contact information of yours.

It is not at all recommended to use all of the above listed advertising sources. If you don’t have a very good budget then you should go for only Local Classifieds and internet. This will cost you very little money. You can also leave every advertising way except the Agents. You can advertise your property through agents. Just pay if they are lucky in selling your property otherwise keep the money in your pocket. Advertising your property through television can be real expensive and you should not use it if you can’t afford it.