Playground Equipment Vancouver: What Rules To Set For Children

A playground is a place for children to have fun and to be free. It is a place for them to express themselves and be creative without the serious injuries. Some of these injuries are attributed to the lack of parental supervision, misuse equipment, and poorly maintained equipment. Fortunately, the majority of these injuries can be prevented.

The playground teaches a child how to communicate with others around them, sharing, taking turns, and following the rules. It’s an essential part of a child’s life, so it’s best to take the proper precautions. The first thing is to choose the proper attire for your child, that means no strings or loose clothes because it could choke them. Helmet straps can be very dangerous, so have the child take off the helmet before they play. Make sure that the shoes are worn at all times.

If you enter a new playground, it’s important to walk around the area to make sure that all the playground equipment is working properly. If you feel that the playground is unsafe, then take your child to another playground. It’s not worth suffering the injury.

So how do you know if a playground is safe?

It’s best to use the 5 S safety rules which include surface, structure, sight, supervision, and safety. Learn more about the 5 S safety rules here.


Majority of the injury is contributed to children falling off the equipment. Make sure that they land on something soft like rubber or sand. The soft surface should be 12 inches deep and surround the equipment to help reduce the impact. Concrete and grass are not safe material for the playground. After that, it’s important to check the metals because if they are overheated by the sun, this can burn your child.


If the structure is made of wood, check if there are any splinters. The swing set should be made of soft material with the proper spacing, most preferably 2 feet apart.


Check for glass or nails lying around. This can be very dangerous for your child if they step on them.


Make sure that you have the full view of the equipment so you can supervise your child while he or she plays. This is mainly because children are often very rambunctious and will not play with the equipment the certain way that it was designed to be played with.


Make sure to properly read the safety rules before letting your child play on the playground equipment. Keep in mind that every equipment has an age requirement. A good playground will have stated the proper age for each equipment.

It’s tough to get rid of all the accidents in the world. This is why it’s important for your child to be well informed as well.

Here are the following rules to teach your children:

  • Avoid hooded sweatshirts or any clothing with the strips dangling because this can lead to a choking hazard.
  • If the child rode his bicycle rollerblades to the park, make sure that they take off their helmet.
  • Be cautious about metal slides because the sun can heat them up.
  • Don’t go to the playground barefoot, always wear shoes to avoid nails, glass, or any cuts.
  • Make sure to play on dry equipment because wet ones can cause you to slip and fall.
  • Slide down the slide one at a time, so be patient and wait for the other person to finish. Move away from the slide as soon as you reach the ground. Always enter the slide sitting down facing forward. Do not slide down headfirst; this can cause potential head injuries.
  • Guardrails are very helpful and protective, so don’t climb over them.
  • Sit down when you swing and only use one person per swing. Wait till the swing has fully come to a stop before you get off. Be careful when you walk in front of the swing, you don’t want to get hit.
  • Climb the steps slowly and hold onto the handrail.


If you follow these rules properly, your child will have a lot of fun on the playground as well as staying safe and avoid injuries. It’s also best to educate other parents about these rules so their child can be safe from playground injuries. It’s important to keep a close eye on your child as they play. This is to prevent potential injuries or harm that can come out of nowhere. In fact, work as a team with other parents to ensure the safety of the children in the playground.