What To Know When Buying Red Deer Garage Doors

A garage door is one item that should definitely be given attention when making a selection for a home. Investing in a quality garage door will result in a piece that can last for decades.

In Person Quotes

Due to the unique nature of each garage, it is usually difficult to order a garage door over the phone or online. Having a professional salesperson come out to take measurements and inspect your garage will help to ensure you get the correct size and shape. Additionally, you will have a direct line of contact with someone if anything goes wrong or something is a little off with the door. As a point of reference, a new sixteen-foot garage door can cost between $800-$8000.

Watch Out for Wooden Doors

Although real wood doors look incredible, they aren’t worth the investment unless you are willing to commit to the upkeep they require. Every few years, a natural finish will need to be re-coated to keep it in good shape. If too much time transpires between re-coating, you may even have to sand off the entire door and start the finish from scratch. Fortunately, in today’s market, there are numerous alternatives to wood that have the same great looks but come with less maintenance and lower costs. One option is embossed steel with a wood grain finish that can cost less than $1000. For a slightly higher investment of around $2500, you can purchase a door with a composite or fiberglass overlay. These options provide the look of natural wood, but are much more robust and require less upkeep.

Insulation Upgrades

Garage doors are an item that can play a significant role in the overall energy efficiency of your home. If you are willing to spend around 20% more, upgrading to polyurethane insulation will make a big difference in maintaining the temperature of the garage. Insulation rates its effectiveness by its R-Value. By upgrading to polyurethane, you will see an increase from R-9 to R-18, which is a huge improvement for a relatively modest price increase.

Buy Heavier Springs

The springs on a garage door are what allow it to open easily and close slowly. Standard torsion springs are rated for approximately 10,000 cycles, which sounds like a long lifespan. However, if you come in and out of the garage two to three times per day, these springs will only last about five years. For only about $50 extra you can purchase heavier springs that will last twice as long.

Purchase a New Remote

If you are already purchasing a new garage door, it can save you time and effort to buy a new garage door opener at the same time. The company that will be installing your door can usually install the opener as well, so it makes sense to do these all at the same time. Garage door openers will fail eventually, so you can save money on labor costs by having it installed with the door.

Be Wary of DIY Installation

It can be tempting to plan on installing a new garage door yourself to save a bit of money, but this particular DIY project probably isn’t worth the small amount of savings. Garage doors have a lot of parts that can take the better part of a full day to put together. Additionally, the heavy-duty springs on garage doors require a lot of springs to the wind and can be dangerous if you lose control. By paying a professional, you can get a new door installed within a few hours, and they will even haul off your old door for you.

Choose the Door Design Online

Most garage door manufacturers will have a feature on their website that allows customers to upload a picture of their garage, and then apply any of the company’s doors to their own home. This eliminates any guesswork that a buyer might have, and allows them to try out any combination of color, style, and hardware to ensure they know exactly what they want. Then, simply print out the final decision and present it to the dealer to get an accurate quote for the door of your dreams.

Select Windows Carefully

Windows make a big difference in the style and appearance of a garage door. They also help provide adequate lighting to the inside of the garage. When picking out garage windows, keep this in mind:

  • Use insulated glass for heated garages
  • Consider installing on the top panel for extra privacy
  • Match the glass to the windows of your house

Want a Quiet Door?

To minimize the noise caused by your garage door opening and closing, opt for a door with polyurethane insulation and nylon rollers. Nylon rollers are more quiet than metal, and polyurethane insulation is great for dampening vibrations that are otherwise amplified by the steel door.

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