Furnace Service Coquitlam BC: How Often & How Important?

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One of the reasons why the fall is an excellent time of the year for me is because Coquitlam looks stunning during this season. With the summer heat finally subsiding, this is also a time to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably.

One of my favorite things about autumn is the opportunity to take walks down tree-lined streets as well as to watch as leaves change color. Although I could walk for long along these streets, I always appreciate the amount of work to be done with regards to my neighbors’ furnaces.

As much as I always want this season to last forever, the fall eventually gives way to winter. Since winter makes Coquitlam chilly, it forces many people to turn to their furnaces. This is why a good number of people who have not had furnace maintenance for a period call to request furnace repair services.

Many people do not know how frequently a gas furnace should be serviced. I advise my clients to carry out furnace maintenance in the fall to keep the unit running safely and efficiently as well as to prevent common problems associated with the furnaces. In this way, they will be sure of keeping their homes warm and comfortable when the cool, damp months of winter are here with us.

Common problems when a gas furnace is not serviced often

The majority of the problems I help to fix when I get called for furnace repair could be prevented if homeowners were keen on servicing their furnaces regularly. Indeed, I agree with my fellow HVAC experts that around 75% of no heat calls arise from a failure to ensure proper furnace maintenance. An important thing to note is that preventative maintenance is always much cheaper than major repairs.

One of the main problems is that a good number of people in Coquitlam assume that their furnace does not have to be serviced regularly as long as they use it for a small part of the year. However, much like an old convertible that is left to sit in the garage throughout winter, a furnace that has not been used for some time has to be tuned up before being used.

Below are some of the problems I always see every time the cold season sets in. While these problems will compromise home heating, the good news is that they are preventable.

Dirty and dusty filters – if your furnace filter is clogged, the unit will have to do more work to keep your home warm. This will not only compromise the efficiency of your furnace but could also eventually cause it to break down. Although I always change the filter during maintenance, it is recommended that you change it after every 2 – 3 months. With the numerous problems that this simple task can help you prevent, you may want to ask your local HVAC expert if their worry-free maintenance includes filter changes.

A faulty pilot light – this could result from either a clog in the pilot opening or the pilot light is not fully pressed while the gas valve is not completely open. Whenever I get a call for furnace repair, I ensure that I clean the pilot light, inspect the pilot button, set the flame a bit higher and open the gas valve. It is important that these tasks are done by an expert if the pilot is to get working again.

A cracked heat exchanger – this is one of the most dangers that may arise from failure to service gas furnaces regularly. A cracked heat exchanger will cause your furnace to leak soot, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into your home. These toxic substances can adversely affect your health and that of your family. While the major cause of this problem is restricted airflow resulting from a clogged filter, it may also be caused by other issues. This is why I always inspect the heat exchanger during regular maintenance to keep your family safe.

How often your gas furnace should be serviced to prevent problems

While a gas furnace should be serviced at least once every year, the best time to do this is in the spring and the fall. To prevent common gas furnace problems, annual maintenance should include examination and cleaning of parts such as the fan, air filter, the pilot light and heat exchanger.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, I go further to do a 30-point tune-up. By checking the safety of the system, your furnace will function optimally through the cold winter months.

The benefits of annual gas furnace servicing and maintenance

According to experts, if you cannot have your gas furnace serviced every spring and fall, you should get it serviced at least once every year. In addition to ensuring that your home remains warm and comfortable during winter, proper gas furnace service and maintenance will offer you the following benefits:

1. Preventative maintenance will save you money.

During my regular maintenance, it is common to find some problems that do not require immediate attention but could become bigger if not fixed. By fixing them while servicing the unit, we prevent these problems from becoming worse, helping you to save money in the long run. In any case, little fixes in the fall are not as costly as extensive repairs during winter.

2. Increased energy efficiency and lower power bills.

Heating your home in Coquitlam over long periods of time will increase your power bills. However, regular maintenance of your gas furnace will leave it running efficiently, a factor that will ease pressure on your wallet.

3. Extend the life of your gas furnace and HVAC system.

A well-serviced and healthy furnace will be free of dirt, blockages, cracks, and leaks. This means that the unit is likely to serve you for a long period without developing major problems.

In case you want to have your gas furnace tuned up in the fall before the cold season begins, you should consider hiring a professional. Without the necessary expertise and experience, servicing a furnace can be a dangerous undertaking. Apart from changing your filter, it is advisable to leave all the other tasks to the pros. This will not only save you money but also give you the peace of mind you need.