How To Get HVAC Leads From Real Estate Agents in Las Vegas

Real-Estate Agents and Realtors for HVAC Referrals

Real-Estate agents can be a great opportunity to generate some HVAC sales leads!

Often, when a home is being placed on the housing market, a close inspection would reveal the structure’s need for anything regarding heating and air conditioning (HVAC) installation. Inspecting the structural capacity of a building is especially vital for a home that is old and obviously needs some maintenance and updating.

Structural Capacity for HVAC Systems

Structural maintenance could be something as simple as a complete cleaning of the furnace, the ductwork, or paying particular attention to any openings around joints. Even a minuscule open area can cause the loss of lots of heat, and only warming the attic where no one ever goes unless they need something.

Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Installation

Often, a whole new furnace and air conditioning unit are required, and while an agent may be able to sell the home in this condition, the purchase price will undoubtedly be negatively affected by this unpleasant news.

HVAC Sales Leads from Real-Estate

A well-established HVAC system can greatly increase your return on property investments.

A Higher Return on Property Investments in Las Vegas, Nevada

While a real estate agent doesn’t have the authority to choose an HVAC company and order work done, a conscientious agent should feel a sense of obligation to discuss this situation with the seller. While the money involved can be considerable, it will more than repay the expense in a somewhat higher price paid for the property. After all, the mere fact of advertising that the home has brand new heat and air conditioning is impressive to most potential buyers. Often even offering new carpets and fresh paint adds an extra inducement to buy.

Here are some more reason for convincing the seller to upgrade:

  • An old furnace, even with maintenance, can be unnecessarily costly. Less efficient than modern stoves and more expensive to operate all winter long.
  • When air conditioners no longer work correctly, when you have to turn the air on at seven in the morning to get a long and expensive head start on what promises to be a scorcher, you may as well toss a few bucks into the garbage disposal as well.
  • Failing ductwork in ceilings or beneath the house not only waste precious heat or air, but they spend a good deal of a homeowner’s money. Often a simple fix, it’s still a job for professionals because there’s more to this than simply taping the joints (which can be very sharp and bloodthirsty!)
  • Today, every aspect of HVAC is much more efficient, more economical and usually, the furnace takes up less space than some of the behemoths that still crowd basements all over the country.
  • Selling a house with all new HVAC can be a major selling point and bring a higher overall price to the seller.
  • Even routine maintenance can pay off in the long run. Some households have not even changed the furnace filter since the day the new residents took possession three years ago!

A real estate agent can be in a very suitable position to help not only him/herself but to help the seller as well as the buyer. New or completely refurbished HVAC is always welcome making this an entirely win-win situation.

Discuss With Real-Estate Agents and Their Clients

While, as we pointed out, the agent has no authority to order repairs or a new installation, but a wise and persuasive agent can certainly sit down with the seller(s) and discuss the possibility of getting bids for a new facility. The agent, if the seller desires, can interview HVAC companies and then come back to the homeowners showing them facts and figures, and perhaps giving them his or her personal recommendations. For a list of air conditioning repair companies, visit this page.

HVAC Systems Property Structural Capacity Inspection

Charge a Finder’s Fee for Sales Referrals

Nearly any HVAC company would be more than willing to offer a finder’s fee. Combined with higher taxes gained from the price paid for a property, the agent will not only go home a happy camper, delighting over the extra money earned from this sale; but also, from having been able to bring a good HVAC company together with the sellers, he would have helped a good number of regular people. Doing all this with the ability to go home at night feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

In Conclusion

So when you list that next property, or even if you’re showing a property that someone else listed, be sure to give the furnace and air a good look and if you sense a problem, it’s time to go to work and bring this together with any other potential problems with the seller.